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  • What is BechDe?
    BechDe is a mobile app designed to help you easily buy and sell used items in your local area.
  • How do I create an account on BechDe?
    Simply download the BechDe app from the Play Store, follow the sign-up process, and start exploring the marketplace.
  • Is BechDe available in my area?
    BechDe is available throughout India.
  • How can I post an item for sale on BechDe?
    To sell an item on BechDe, take a photo, add a title & description, set a price, and choose a category. After verification, your listing will be visible to potential buyers in your area.
  • How can I contact a seller or buyer on BechDe?
    You can communicate with other users through the in-app chat feature. Simply select the listing you're interested in, tap "Chat", and start the conversation.
  • Is it safe to buy and sell on BechDe?
    BechDe is committed to providing a safe and secure platform. We encourage users to review profiles, use our in-app messaging, and meet in public areas when exchanging items.
  • How do I report an issue or suspicious activity on BechDe?
    If you encounter any problems or come across suspicious behavior, please report it directly within the app. Our support team will investigate and take appropriate action.
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